Leaders in Training at Summer Camp

| Day Camp Weeks and Classic Overnight Week |
For campers who have completed 9th – 11th grade

The Leaders in Training Program (LIT) is a stepping stone for individuals who wish to transition from being a camper to camp leadership.  High School students are able to gain valuable leadership skills in a supervised and safe atmosphere.  

Good LIT candidates are responsible, trustworthy, self-motivated individuals who desire to learn from others and to grow in their leadership skills and faith.  

LIT applicants should register for camp through our regular registration portal, but will be waitlisted until they complete an interview with a member of the Crestfield staff.  Once a suitable position is found for them at camp, they will be moved from waitlisted to registered.  Rates listed above apply to first time LITs.  LITs who are invited back after their initial training will receive a discounted rate.  Sibling and Early Bird discounts will apply to LIT registration fees if applicable.  As always, scholarship money is available and can be applied for in the online registration portal. 

Leaders in Training at the Tween Retreat

We also look for LITs for our Tween Retreat.  This is a spring retreat geared toward 3rd-6th graders that lasts from about 10am Saturday morning until about 10am Sunday morning.  LITs help with various aspects of the retreat including energizers, games, dining hall clean-up and more.

Contact Renee at renee@crestfieldcc.org for details and dates.