The Nap

What is it?

The Nap is a retreat-style event designed for next-generation ministry leaders, pastors, and volunteers.  Positioned strategically during the program year lull between Advent and Lent, think of this as 1/3 sabbath retreat, 1/3 continuing education, and 1/3 fun and fellowship.  Sharon Stewart will be speaking and Del Treese will be leading worship.   The retreat will begin at 3 pm Monday February 6th and end at 3 pm on Wednesday the 8th.   Registration will close on January 25, 2023.

This year’s theme: Relax, Refresh, Reconnect  
As leaders, we have all been through a rough couple years with the pandemic and the toll it has taken on our churches and organizations.  Most of us are tired, depleted, and in short, in need of a nap.  The vision of the The Nap 2023 is to give Next Gen leaders a place to relax for a couple days, to be spiritually nurtured and refreshed, and to connect with colleagues, mentors, and friends. 

What is a Next Generation Ministry Leader?

A Next Gen Ministry Leader is any staff person or volunteer who is committed to investing in the lives of the Next Generation through their role within their church/organization.   For example a Next Gen ministry leader might volunteer in the church nursery, lead the children’s choir, chaperone youth mission trips, or be an ordained pastor who prioritizes their work with children, youth, or young families.

How do I register?

How much does it cost?

There are a range of rooming options and program pricing tiers you can choose from when registering, but we are expecting that most people will opt into choices in the $225-255 range.  We don’t want finances to be a barrier for anyone attending however, so if you want to come but need financial assistance, keep scrolling down to see some options that are available.  

Are there any discounts?

Early Bird
Register by December 15th and automatically get 15% off your room and meals.

Epiphany Weekend
Save 6% on room and meals when you register between January 6-8.

Ministry Couples
Book a Double Room in Scott Lodge with your Next Gen Ministry spouse using code: MARRIED and save 10% on your room and meals. 

Is there financial assistance available?


For PCUSA Next Generation Leaders in Pittsburgh
The Next Gen Ministry Team of Pittsburgh Presbytery is offering scholarships for folks who serve as staff or volunteers in churches in Pittsburgh Presbytery.
Click here to apply. 


For Other Next Gen Ministry Leaders
Crestfield has an adult scholarship fund that has been established by generous donors over the years. For this retreat we ask that only non-Pittsburgh Presbytery participants apply to this fund.
Click here to apply.

Questions? Having Trouble?


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